city branding best practices

Things to Avoid When Rebranding 

Getting ready to rebrand your city? Consider these 5 tips to keep close before rebranding. Step one, know what to avoid.

Avoid the big reveal

Remedy: have slow unveiling to stakeholders and key groups.


Don’t gather feedback at beginning then ghost on community

Remedy: communicate consistently with same groups throughout process, even if not using their suggestions.


Just getting a logo

Remedy: Make sure your hired company tells your how to use it! Ask for implementation plans and marketing strategies.


Only focusing on logo

Remedy: A brand is NOT a logo, it’s the feeling and direction that supports the logo, but more importantly, the aspirations of an organization. Have strong brand guidelines, marketing strategy and tools to implement the logo.


Long timeline

Remedy: plan a achievable deadline to keep stakeholders engaged. The energy will stay high leading up to the final product.

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