budget report

Top 5 Things Your Community Wants To Know About Your City Budget:

Residents are familiar with pot hole griping--they are ready to know more about local government spending.

5 Things Your Community Wants to Know About Your City Budget:

1. Where does money come from?

2. Where does my money go?

3.  How are you being fiscally responsible?

4. Am I getting a good value for what I’m paying for?

 5. How does this compare to other communities?

How You Can Give Citizens The Best Answers: 

You can focus your budget communication around what’s important to your community. How do you pull all this information from the budget and share it in a way that is effective?

Create a concise, brief document rich in infographics and facts. 

Your City wants to know about the budget, so share pertinent information with the community and listen to their feedback. hare numbers, stats, and graphs, but do it in an attractive format.