local government budget

Why Should Your Community Care About Your City’s Budget?

Does your community know how the City budget affects them? 

The purpose of local government is to build a quality community and they can’t do that without funding. Budgeting reflects community priorities. One of the ways people can get involved and impact your community is through the budget process.

Budgets are literally how communities are shaped.

Want to change yours? Get involved by going to your city’s website and subscribe to online newsletters. This way you’ll be regularly updated with city activities and meetings so you know how to get involved.

Another option is to go directly to the source: Council members. Send an email to an elected Council member with some of your desires of how you want your community to be shaped. Even through it is the community’s budget, it is the Council members who ultimately decide the direction, so go directly to the influencers.

Have you ever contacted your Council members or know their names? While you’re signing up for the city newsletter online, visit the Council page to know who is making decision on behalf of your community.