Is there a local government communication question keeping you up at night? This is your chance to tap into 25 + years of municipal communication expertise and get back to counting sheep.


Our city needs to overhaul it's look. Where do we start?


  1. Create consistency in the small things: mail signatures, presentation templates, and messaging
  2. Reformat your annual report
  3. Update your website for mobile 
  4. Refresh your brand. Remember you don't have to start from scratch. Tweaks to the current logo can give staff and residents a fresh look.

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What's the best way to engage my community?


  1. Meet people where they are
  2. Provide multiple ways for people to offer feedback
  3. Don’t ask for resident input if you’re not going to listen
  4. Communication is NOT public engagement
  5. It’s not always about broad based feedback

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Can I use my seal as a logo?


For your logo, do not use your seal. Your logo should provide recognition and quick identification, so you’ll want something simpler and cleaner than your city seal. Many seals are difficult to replicate, especially on apparel and materials used in the community. 

Looking for a more specific example? Check out how we tackled this issue in the City of Milton, GA. 


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