Town of Avon Park Signs - Round 2

When designing these sign options, we tried to incorporate Avon's new brand as well as make them welcoming, colorful and friendly. All maps are easy to understand and content is organized in a way that is quick to read. Beach signs are 2'x 6' and parks signs are 2.5'x 9'. All signs will reach the ground, which is why there is some blank space at the bottom.

To ensure consistency throughout the Park's signage, we combined the 2 beach sign options we previously showed you to match the style of the Harry A. Nottingham Park sign that you chose. Now you have the brightness of the yellow paired with the looser design style.

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Downloadable PDFs available beneath each example.

Beach Sign

2' x 6.5'

Harry A. Nottingham Park Sign

2.5' x 9'