Break the Mold on Election Communication

If you’re a communications professional working in the local government sector, you become adept at communicating complex initiatives to an audience who is both extremely busy and already bombarded by so much information, their attention span has waned to the point of near extinction…or exhaustion – am I right?

Now, imagine you have an important city or town initiative that your elected officials want to put before the voters. How do you develop content that is effective, concise, neutral and cuts through all the noise?

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Kristen KnollComment
Caution: Election Season Ahead

This November, voters will be asked to consider a wide variety of issues including some very important on a local scale. Obviously, the best choice is to vote for what benefits your organization, but local governments have to be careful not to come off as biased when sharing ballot question information.

This is where an educational communications campaign can come into play. Although you can’t straight out tell people which way to vote, there are still ways to share information and simplify the ballot measure so residents can more easily make an educated decision.

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Liz CassiComment
Sometimes, Over Communication is Key

Nothing can be more frustrating than hearing during the final hour that your residents are upset about a development proposal, a master plan, or any other long-project, especially when you have spent considerable time trying to reach and engage them. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are more segmented groups than ever. Doing everything you can to reach these groups and get their input is key.

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Ashley LauwereinsComment