65% of Your Community Gets It

Early in my career I began a five-month foray into the most important communication tool the City of Fort Collins has EVER set their eyes upon, an Annual Report for a department in the Public Works Division. Eighty-plus pages, and hundreds of City employee hours later, we completed a report that maybe seven people read. Ouch!

(If you read this far already without skipping down to the infographics, I’m impressed)

If you’re charged with communicating performance measures, consider that your audience’s attention span is brief and try replacing words with visuals… why, you ask?

Convinced? We hope so, and so does your community. Your great municipal work deserves to be acknowledged - and your community deserves to receive the information in an easy to read format. Sounds like a win - win!

Check out some creative infographic solutions:
Poudre Fire Authority Annual Report
City of Castle Pines 2014 Overview

Ryan BurkeComment