Top Ten Reasons Your Community Doesn’t Listen to You

The results are in - whether you are from a town of 5,000 people or a city with more than 200,000 residents, many of you have similar problems engaging your community.

Here are our Top Ten reasons:

  1. Due to your overuse of acronyms, every presentation you give sounds like you're reciting a jumbled version of the ABCs

  2. You let your planners & engineers present projects to the community (all due respect to our planner and engineer friends)

  3. Your newsletter weighs more than a dictionary

  4. Your council hasn’t been trained in public speaking

  5. Your tools are outdated and you still think social media is a waste of time

  6. New residents don’t know how to connect with you

  7. You haven’t listened to the community, so they’ve stopped trying

  8. Messages are inconsistent and communication sporadic

  9. You use a cartoon persona, or worse, a mascot, to answer FAQs

  10. You’re oversharing (just like that one person on the bus) by providing ridiculous and incomprehensible amounts of performance data and financial information

If you see yourself in any of these reasons, fear not! These are common challenges and you can turn it around.

Ryan BurkeComment