You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig

It starts out as a 200-page beast. Sure, the massive amount of text is occasionally broken up by a pie chart or table. But, in the end, your community still ends up with a 200-page sleeping pill.

The useful content and metrics are there… they just need to be found and served up in a digestible format for the public. There’s the good performance metrics, and the bad (or as your 3rd grade teacher would say, “Has the potential, but needs improvement”). Showcasing both shows transparency, honesty and that there is a story to tell.

Let’s Dress it Up

There are multiple formats to choose from; so the question is what format is the right fit for the community:

  • Would they prefer a traditional report using that paper stuff?

  • Are they more tech-savvy?

  • Does your public have a short attention span (most likely)?

Tried and True

There’s something to be said for the sensation of holding a quality-printed, 3-panel report like this one. The information is brief and concise, the infographics pull the reader in, and the paper quality shows the community that reporting to them is important to your city organization.

That’s So 2008

Sometimes paper is more difficult to distribute or feels wasteful. If the community is more tech-savvy, creating a mobile-friendly online annual may be the most effective option. The format below demonstrates the use of animated infographics, a short video and slideshows. The best part, the bevy of social media in which to distribute this type of annual report format.

I Ain’t Got Time for That

This next one speaks for itself. It’s quick, fun and a brief glimpse into the company’s previous year.

click here to visit MailChimp's 2015 annual report

click here to visit MailChimp's 2015 annual report

At the end of they day, the public was engaged, challenged and honored. They deserve the respect of a well-communicated year in review, and you deserve that pat on the back from your mayor.


Ryan BurkeComment