Top Three Common New Year's Resolutions with a Communications Twist


1. Start a New Hobby

  • Try a new social media platform – set time aside to learn its tricks, trends and share your organization’s news with trackable hashtags.
  • Experiment with short format videos – pick a topic or two and get outside! Shot with your phone, this is very low tech/high impact storytelling.

2. Live a Healthier Lifestyle

  • If weight loss is a resolution – turn that into giving your text a diet, too! No more fat or acronyms, just the juicy pieces of info your community really cares about.
  • Play more! Incorporate dynamic brainstorming into your team’s weekly or monthly meetings – focus on creative ideas that benefit your team’s well being, or clever new ways for your citizens to access city information.

3. Learn Something New Each Day

  • Subscribe to regional or national communications – focused e-newsletters for a steady stream of new ideas, lessons learned and best practices.
  • Look outside the box – explore other genres and industries besides communications and find those nuggets of brilliance, awe, and wonder. Chances are there is a connection somewhere in that learning that can be applied to your next community project or event.

Good luck setting and achieving your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions! And, from all of us at Slate, we send you our best holiday wishes! See you again in 2017!

Claire BouchardComment