Ready? Set. Community Engagement!

Before you begin any sort of community engagement campaign, ask yourself three questions:

How willing are you to listen?
If you’re just conducting community feedback because it’s mandated from above, your community will catch on. Make sure that the input you gather will actually impact the end decision, and then don’t forget to let your residents know how you used their feedback.

Where can the community add value?
Let’s be honest, we’re not going to crowdsource engineering designs of an intersection. We’ll leave the technical solutions up to the professionals. But there are many, many other parts of the process where the community can truly add value. Focus on those elements.

How can I make participation easy?
We can no longer expect people to carve an hour out of their busy day to come visit us at an open house. We subscribe to the belief that we need to meet people where they are - that’s both online and in person. Take the conversation to them.

Kim NewcomerComment