Let's Be Clear: Defining Government Marketing & Communications

Branding is not marketing.

But they do need to work well together. You know, grabbing a beer after work together. High five-ing after the budget is passed. All the things local govies do.

Marketing campaigns are not a brand, BUT your marketing campaigns need to support your brand. If you have a solid community brand and you’re trying to market your community arts center, it should feel aligned.

For example: Planning a city event? It should feel like a part of the city brand while feeling like it’s own thing.  This is done through complementary colors, graphics, and brand standards.


Marketing VS Communications?

Not too much. Marketing, we usually expect some sort of call to action, or do something specific.

Communications more to increase awareness or understanding.

BOTH have similar processes and goals. Know you value, define your audience, create strategies and figure out how to get it done.