3 Ways To Improve City Communications

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Graphic design is not a source of art. Rather, it is a way to communicate complex ideas to a specific audience in a way that matches your city’s tone. Graphic design is one great way to take local government programs and services and make them applicable and interesting for your citizens.

With this concept in mind, here are three examples from Slate graphic designers that effectively used graphic design to communicate important information in an accessible way to your citizens.

1. Clearer financial documents

Example: Douglas County, CO

A government budget report is one of the most important documents a city produces, yet very few citizens will actually take the time to read the document. To help communicate the information in a clear and consistent way, our design staff created chapters that broke up the information into relevant sections. Our team also integrated the icons representing each department of the government in front of each section so it was easily understood which budget line was being reported on.


budget book design


2. Strong Collateral

Example: Englewood Economic Development - ACE

Communicating your town as a business center is important for attracting potential businesses looking for a headquarters. With large campaigns that include fact sheets, business cards, presentations, and handouts, a consistent design makes your community stand out.

A sharp design will also be able to embody your town’s message within the overall design - communicating these core values that you work so hard to convey every day. For Englewood, that is ensuring the message: the city is attractive to businesses because it’s modern, upscale, and business-like. But, there is also a touch of fun, which symbolizes the community as a whole.


economic development collateral


3. Intriguing Signage

example: Loveland Water & Power

Considering where the message will be seen by your community is crucial. When it came to interpretive signage for Loveland Water & Power's new solar and substation site, ensuring that the message was accessible to those viewing the area was top priority. Whether the visitors were part of a tour to learn more about the site or just people walking by, the signs had to break down information about the facility in an easy-to-understand way.

Local governments may be great at writing about complex topics, but boosting those ideas with graphics, charts, timelines, and diagrams is something that a good graphic designer can help with. The results are informative signs that fit into the landscape while also informing visitors.


custom park signs - power and water


From creating specialized community projects, to designing clearer financial documents, we recognize the importance of quality design for local government. What are the ways you'll improve communications for your citizens through design?


Ashley Lauwereins
Project Manager

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