5 Tips For Successful Tourism Marketing

Interested in marketing your community as a destination?

 Marketing to visitors isn’t the same as marketing to and communicating with residents. here’s why.

1. Know Your Audience--no REALLY

So you want more visitors, but who do you REALLY want coming? Before diving in, think about your current visitors and who really should be visiting. Who would enjoy the activities your area has to offer? Who would love your local shops and restaurants?

As much as we’d like to market to everyone in the country (or world), it’s pretty tough in most cases. Keep your audiences realistic and focused.

2. Picture This

One of our first steps in any tourism marketing effort is to grow the photo and video library. There’s a reason people want to come there, so show it off! Hire a professional photographer (trust us, it’s worth the money) to take pictures of your beautiful landscapes, awesome businesses, etc. – they’ll be great assets to have.

It’s also helpful to get some photos that have real people doing the activities you’re trying to promote. Including people in photos helps potential visitors picture themselves doing the activities being shown, and can help entice potential visitors even more than a pretty landscape.

3. The World Wide Web

In our digital world, your tourism website is your most important communication tool. If your site needs a little updating or isn’t getting as much traffic as you’d like, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strong?

  • Is the website mobile-friendly?

  • Is the site easy to navigate with the most valuable pages within a few clicks?

  • Do we include links to social media and other resources?

  • Are there more opportunities to get our website address out there?

Also, you know those professional photos you just spent money on? Make sure those are front and center on the website.

4. Speaking of Social Media…

Social media has changed the game for tourism marketing, and it’s important to take advantage of it. More people are using social media when researching places to visit, so make sure your platforms have up-to-date information as well as links where they can learn more and even book their trip.

We’ve also learned that sharing images and captivating video is the best way to get noticed, no matter what the platform. Seeing those enticing images can make anyone want to book a trip!

People love sharing their vacation photos on social media. Create a strong hashtag to encourage people to use when posting about your location. You can always share content or photos that others have shared using that hashtag.

5. Be Yourself

No locations are exactly the same, so that means every place needs slightly different tourism marketing approaches. When putting your marketing plan together, pinpoint the unique offerings and characteristics of your community and be true to those throughout your efforts. Being authentic and true to your community’s character goes a long way and resonates with potential visitors. Own it, and plan your marketing efforts with that personality in mind.


Liz Cassi
Communications Specialist at Slate