5 Ways To Engage The Community


Slate has five favorite ways to engage the community when looking for authentic resident feedback. 

1.    Meet people where they are

We have to stop excepting people to have the energy to come find us. Visit parks, recreation centers, youth and senior facilities, grocery stores, auto service shops – just get out there!

2.    Provide multiple ways for people to offer feedback

Be online (website, social media, etc.), show up in person, consider body painting – something to get their attention, please!

3.    Don’t ask for resident input if you’re not going to listen

 If you aren’t going to integrate their feedback, don’t ask for their time and input.

4.    Communication is NOT public engagement

Communication is when you want to share information (I’m telling you). Engagement is when you want to hear feedback (you’re telling me). Approach these definitions with different tactics when running a public engagement campaign.

5.    It’s not always about broad based feedback

Sometimes it’s best fulfilled in small group discussions. This allows more people to voice their opinions, contribute to a conversation, and offer diverse viewpoints. You don’t always have to go out and survey.