Finding the Perfect Fit with Tourism Marketing


If you’re used to mainly communicating with residents, tourism marketing can seem like a whole new world. True, it can be a large endeavor to take on, but this type of marketing can be easier when you find a campaign that’s just right. That’s one that fits your community, resonates with the people you want to attract, and is something that your residents can get behind.

Here are some tips on how to get started on finding that perfect campaign:

1. Do Some (Community) Soul Searching

Start by taking a good, hard look at your community. What makes your town unique from anywhere else? Who do you want visiting? And what do you want people to enjoy while there? Whether it’s your recreation opportunities, your historic downtown, etc., pinpoint the characteristics that you want to highlight.


2. Chat With Locals

As you get started on tourism marketing, meet with some of your locals to get their thoughts. Talking with local business owners, stakeholders and other active residents can help you better understand what types of visitors they want to see, and how the community would benefit from them coming.


3. Get People Excited

When you get close to launching your campaign, make sure to update your community about your plans. Also include how locals can get involved – if it’s a campaign and strategy that resonates, residents and businesses will take ownership of it and help you with promoting it. They might even show up in some of your marketing materials!


By finding a campaign that truly fits, your tourism marketing efforts will compliment your community, not detract from it. You’ll attract the type of visitors who will fully appreciate your community. Who knows, maybe those visitors will eventually become locals, too.


Liz Cassi
Project Manager

Liz CassiComment