Economic Marketing: How to be a Show-off

Showing Off Your Community to the Private Sector

Local government may be the last entity you think of when it comes to showing off. In a day when reality shows turn everyday people into superstars and dozens of online viral platforms spread news, cat videos, sleeping grandpas and backyard stunts, how can local government and communities get the private sector to pay attention?

Don’t give up yet! Roll up your sleeves and get ready for developers to call you.

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The League of Economic Super Heroes

No matter what your department is called, chances are, you’d like your existing businesses to prosper and grow, and you’d like to attract new businesses in at least one industry (so does every town and city in our country). Define how your community stands out, and explain why businesses should expand or relocate in your town or city. Maybe it’s because you have excellent schools, affordable utilities, miles and miles of trails, free or low cost community services, fun attractions and diverse cultural programs. Are you telling businesses this?

What’s Going on Inside your Municipality?

You offer your colleagues in utilities, community development, and development review a unique perspective. Your clients are private sector executives and decision makers who get frustrated with local government’s bureaucracy. When these departments make business-friendly updates to their plans, policies, and procedures, that’s great news to share with your private sector clients. They want to work with and in communities that have streamlined processes and quick turn around times.


Be the Private Sector’s Research Department

We’ve found that communities that have strategic economic development communications are successful at telling their community story. Pull high-level data about your community, put it in attractive, easy to read materials and online. This data helps create strong “why us” messages to support mobile friendly websites and beautiful leave-behind collateral. Add professionally shot photos of the businesses and the community and you'll make a lasting impression.

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