60 Seconds to Improve Your Job

How many mentors do you have in local government management? You know, the ones who have been through new development funding, or tourism marketing campaigns, or have implemented a new process that's good for the community AND staff. These are the managers that can uplift other leaders and we're out to share their success stories. 

Manager Minutes are brief one- to two-minute videos that provide City and County managers with peer resources. CCCMA and Slate are partnering to share topics and scenarios many managers go through, like workforce development, community engagement, economic development, or project funding. Find your expert advice here: 


Are you a seasoned manager and would like to offer your expertise to other managers? We'd like to share your story. Please email us at INFO@SLATECOMMUNICATIONS to set up your interview or to find out how you can get involved. 



For more videos please visit managerminutes.com .

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