What Does Marketing Mean For CitIES And Towns?


People get fired up over the M word.

So why do local govies feel this way? We want to help show that marketing is not a bad word.

There’s a misperception that municipalities don’t need to market their skills, services, or people. But the truth is, to achieve participation and transparency, cities need to actively talk about what they do and who they are.

Traditionally, marketing for cities and towns is reserved for arts, transit, and parks and recreation. Although, if you expand how you define and value marketing, marketing strategies can be applied to almost any city service. Cities and towns should encourage residents to think about what they have to offer in a unique way.

It’s not only transactional.
It’s not always a ticket to a show.

Marketing becomes the action which ultimately impacts your residents.

 "Take advantage of our open spaces"
"Here's how to use our new recycling program"

Reframing what local government marketing means to you, could result in increased collaboration, creativity, and most importantly, informed residents. And that's what it's truly all about.