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The Secret to Crazy Successful Public Engagement Online

This guest article is from Angelica Wedell at the National Research Center.

They may be tweeting daily, streaming public meetings on YouTube and even publishing press releases on the official website blog. But with all this effort to meet constituents where they are already communicating, many local governments are asking why more residents aren’t engaged.

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​​​​​​​Just Keep Swimming

Even when no one cares, gathering public engagement is important work. Working in the public sector comes with some cold, hard, bitter realities.

First, you’ll never get rich quick. In fact, you’ll never get rich.

Second, inspiring everyday residents to engage with their local government will be impossible.

But you will continually be asked to make it happen so we must keep trying.

To help me shift my thinking from challenges to solutions, I talked with Ginny Sawyer, Policy & Project Manager for the City of Fort Collins and, as far as I’m concerned, one of the best public engagement professionals in local gov.

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