The Right Time To Cut Corners

local government infographic on sustainability

It's time to cut back the long paragraphs and spreadsheets.

Words are crucial for communicating, but visuals are more memorable. Learn how to impact your audience with effective, concise messaging delivered through graphic design. Whether you want residents to understand your community services or help staff with consistent communications, design can help get you there.

How graphic design can help cut the clutter

Graphic design is more than just a pretty picture. It’s a way to simplify, demonstrate and inform residents and staff about complex topics. Graphs, charts and illustrations are an easy way to break down complicated material into comprehendible information for your audience. Let’s take a look.

Streamline & Shorten

Reports and surveys – they’re easy to over pack with information. Let’s be realistic, your audience will never get through never ending pages of statistics. The National Research Association (NRC) agreed. So, we turned to graphic design to make it simple.

Why it matters

  1. Colors make it easy for the audience to differentiate categories.
  2. Icons give the reader imagery to make information more appealing.
  3. The eye goes straight to figures being reported.
slate-dec-NRC-60x60.jpgData into easy visuals and infographics
TIF infographic

Reconstruct & Refurbish

Tax increment finance, aka TIF. It’s about as fun as it sounds. The Town of Parker’s urban renewal authority, Partnering for Parker’s Progress (P3) needed a way to inform residents on how the TIF lifecycle comes full circle to benefit the community. Instead of clunky paragraphs and confusing tax language, we looked to graphic design for help.

Why is this an improvement?

  1. Smaller chunks of information allow the audience to understand the bigger picture.
  2. The audience isn’t sorting through irrelevant and confusing statements.
  3. The chart is consistent with P3 branding and their commitment to being informative and transparent.

So before you start typing, think about graphic design. Adding visual elements will appeal and attract more viewers.


Jess McHugh
Marketing Specialist 

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