Using a New Brand to Unite a Town Divided

In our home state of Colorado, we’re experiencing a rapid amount of growth. Sound familiar? Economic development and expanding communities are exciting but also come with unique growing pains. So where does that put you? Now you’re responsible for managing an area’s growth, services, and infrastructure. With this growth, your residents may be split into either long-time residents who are anti-growth or new residents who embrace new developments. So how do you unite everyone to get on board with the direction of their community? Sometimes it can be as simple as defining the character of your town through a unifying brand. 

Step One: Figure out what the two groups have in common.

Often times, each group is not that different than the other. Whether you’re bridging the divide between old and new residents, the young and old or small businesses and large businesses, some common ground exists. Perhaps that common ground is wanting a safe area for their families, or preserving recreational opportunities or vistas, or wanting diverse opportunity zones. No matter what they are, find those elements and keep them core to your new message and look. 

Step Two: Determine where you were, and where you’re headed. 

Rebranding a City or Town shouldn’t happen often. Brands need to be sustainable, and too frequently we encounter a brand that only made sense in the time it was created. Find ways to honor the history of the city or town, but put even more emphasis on the future of where you see your city or town headed next.  

Step Three: Find what makes your city or town special, and celebrate it! 

Pride can go a long way when it comes to happy residents, no matter how long they lived there. Spark that sense of pride by celebrating what makes your area special! Incorporate those elements into a rebrand with colors, icons or fonts - it doesn’t have to be literal. By creating a brand that residents can be proud of, they are likely to become advocates to the area and help attract new residents or businesses. 

We know, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but we seem to have a knack for it. If you’re considering a rebranding project, or looking for ways to use design and communication to achieve unity in your area, we’re always happy to chat.

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