city branding

Brand: When A City Needs A New One And When It Doesn’t

Good news -- you already have a brand!

Bad news -- you have one, even if you don’t know it.

Your city brand is how people see and feel that place. Whether you decided to be a part in crafting your brand is your decision. The way you make and implement your city brand will vary depending on city goals, resources, staff, and planning.

So, if you and your residents are proud to represent your city, you’re well on your way. If you’re looking to boost your city’s image, economic development, community engagement, or tourism, it’s time to rebrand.

Every city has needs on how to bring that brand to life. Even the smallest communities need to work toward a consistent, unique feel. There are a variety of ways to grow a city brand, through strategic planning, engagement, to full blown rebranding.

It’s important to remember that branding isn’t a strategy itself. It’s a product that supports everything your community represents. Only you and your city can decide what exactly that purpose is.

Need help to determine where to start? We do that. Send us an email so we can point you in the best direction for what your city needs.