A 360 Impact

Larimer County realized that their internal communications and outward image needed to improve after a community survey revealed that citizens weren’t familiar with their services or programs. To advance their residents' awareness, Larimer County started three projects with the help of Slate:

1. Design a new website to improve user experience

2. Streamline internal communications for better public information

3. Refresh current brand elements to be more versatile and appealing


1. County Website

Redesigned homepage and internal pages
Integrated custom design elements and infographics
Optimized user experience to access County services
Worked with County team to merge and update content


2. Internal Communications

Conducted County brand and communications research, employee interviews, and peer agency interviews
Developed communications strategies and core messages for external communications
Created an internal County events calendar
Designed a communications matrix to show how to communicate properly per audience, programs, services and events

3. Brand Refresh

Revised a complicated and outdated logo
Developed a new, lively color palette and fonts
Created brand standards for internal staff
Designed dozens of templates