Chosen Logo

Logo illustration mark
• The circle is a "G" for gov wrapped around a "C"
• The circle also represents center
• The circular theme reflects the mo'mix mark
• Font: Futura Book (same font as the mo'mix logo)

Key messages

The goal was to keep the messages high level, and to avoid getting too detailed about the features of the product. Here, we want to focus generally on what the product is and what problems it can help solve.

Second level messages get a little deeper into the benefits of the product, but should still focus on address pain points of prospective clients. A few Texas-specific messages were created to address the Stars Program and the extra need to be transparent.

High Level

  • Tell your story with the data to back it up

  • Fulfill your obligation to the public with innovative and easy-to-understand reporting

  • All-in-one tracking to help measure and publish what matters

  • Take transparency to the next level with open data made easy

  • A community dashboard that helps you engage with your citizens

Second Level

  • Cloud-based solution to fit with your existing programs and website

  • Generate reports that make data appealing and digestible

  • Powerful toolkit to bring together all your organization’s performance metrics

  • Easy to administer and set up for your staff

  • Share Strategic Plan progress and performance with the public


  • Complying with the Texas Transparency Stars Program has never been easier

  • Fulfill your want, and obligation, to be transparent

  • Get your organization recognized by the Texas Comptroller without any extra work

System Benefits

  • Enhance trust with residents by increasing transparency

  • Empower residents by providing access to public data

  • Inform residents by sharing critical stories supported by public data

  • Reduce costs associated with responding to requests for data

  • Reduce time spent by internal staff looking for public data

  • Eliminate confusion and inconsistent answers regarding published data

  • Reduce or eliminate duplication of effort by staff who create data and informatio

Design elements

These elements are versatile, friendly and vibrant. The end user needs a clear presentation of the KPIs. Through icons, succinct phrases, infographics and photos, the rich variety of communication will keep the user captivated.