Winter Blog: Beyond Transparency, a Book Recommendation

Settling in with a good book during the Colorado winter, about open data and governments, isn’t exactly what we do all the time around Slate; but we took the time recently and survived to tell you about it! 

Really, it wasn’t that hard. If you believe in open government, access to data, proactive communication, and easy to read and understand reports, you might really enjoy Beyond Transparency, Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation, edited by Brett Goldstein and Lauren Dyson, and published in 2013.

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Finding the Hook

While up in Glenwood Springs recently, we popped in on Dawn Chase, the marketing and communications manager for the Roaring Fork Transit Authority. Dawn was in the middle of hosting a huge community event—the eighth that week, in celebration of their new bus rapid transit system. VelociRFTA is an exciting new option for traveling from Glenwood Springs to Carbondale to Basalt, and as far as Aspen (and back, of course!).

This is the country’s largest rural BRT system; how cool is that? Fast, frequent and fun is the VelociRFTA’s tagline. You can go on their website and read the whole brand story, but what hit us was the hook the marketing team came up with...

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We have become a little addicted to something at Slate. It’s not illegal or expensive. But we couldn’t function without it. It’s our huge, donated whiteboard. Having your own whiteboard at your disposal is priceless.

We’ve shared whiteboards with people before—you have to write messages like, “please don’t erase” or “save this content”, because people might obliterate your hard work and creativity when you are not in the shared conference room.

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