Radio isn't dead - listen to Slate on the airwaves!

Between satellite radio, Pandora, Spotify and other online music programs you may forget about or not notice radio anymore. Slate recently was invited to appear on air at a Denver metro radio station to talk about media relations and public relations. And it was a fun time!


Not sure if you have heard of the program we were on, but it’s called Repaving Main Street. It’s hosted by marketing executive, entrepreneur, speaker and author Bill Cobb and his business partner M.L. Johnson, a professional educator and author.  Each evening, individuals share their business story and give business tips to other new and emerging businesses. The show is aired on KRCN 1060 “The Biz” Monday-Thursday 6-7 p.m.

Through the magic of the internet, you too can hear our interview. In it, Kim and I discuss how businesses can work with the media to get the word out about your business. Some of those tips include:

  • Establish your brand--who you are, what value you bring to your customers, and more!
  • Get good at explaining your company and product quickly and clearly.
  • Do your research and ask questions—know who is writing about what in the publication world.
  • Build a relationship with the reporters before you have big news to share—let them know you are a follower and fan.
  • Discover different publications’ editorial calendars.
  • Use your website to host a press kit that helps reporters write your story.

Here’s link to the Global American Broadcasting Network MP3 file:

If you are interested, I know Bill and M.L. would love to learn more about your business and how to feature you on their radio program. With just a little prep (and warm-up laughter) you too can be on the show! Check out their website here:

If you are based outside of the Denver metro area, maybe check out your local broadcast area for similar programs or stations willing to talk shop on air. Send us your link when that happens!

As we look at ways to promote our businesses, or those of our clients, radio is not dead and in fact has spread its wings in new places for new audiences.

Hope to hear you on the radio soon!

Claire BouchardComment