The Dreaded Holiday Letter

This time of year I love getting holiday cards from friends across the country. We’re at the stage of our lives where many friends have kids, and it’s fun seeing pictures of how their children have grown in the past year.

Here’s what I don’t love: the dreaded holiday letter.

I enjoy reading them – okay, I only enjoy reading the short, funny ones – but I HATE writing them. Perhaps it’s the added pressure of being a “communicator” by trade. Or the fact that I can’t remember what my family did yesterday, let alone way back in February. Or maybe I’m just not convinced that our content (i.e., our life) is all that interesting.

Slate, on the other hand, has had a truly exciting year. And while I still can’t bring myself to expertly craft an end-of-year summary, I will share a few thoughts about our first nine months.

Slate 2013

Hatched a plan. Left our jobs…and our stability. Launched a new business. Began an adventure. Talked to EVERYONE. Some actually hired us. Gathered clients. Made new friends. Gained new perspectives. Panicked. Regrouped. Came out stronger. Supported good people doing good things for their community. Learned about affordable housing, community development, smart cities and transit. Learned more about each other. Wrote proposals. Landed contracts. Worked hard. Found time to celebrate. Worked harder. Felt happy. Paused to reflect and be grateful.

Thanks to all who have helped make 2013 a fantastic year for Slate!