The First Three Weeks

The first three weeks of anything new is crazy.

First three weeks of college—crazy! Finding your classes and meeting new professors, figuring out what to eat in the dining hall, meeting new friends, getting all your supplies organized, navigating a totally new social scene, etc.

First three weeks of being a parent—crazy! New sleep habits, new creature that needs everything from you at once, new doctors, new equipment in the house, etc.

First three weeks of owning your own business—also crazy!

Slate has been open for business for three weeks and we’re thrilled. Kim, Ryan and I are running on adrenaline! We spent much of the first weeks getting grounded: setting up and syncing computers, creating and ordering business cards, note cards, and envelopes, and picking out office furniture. We also have a mini office store set up with sticky notes, pens, pads of paper and yes, a first aid kit (if you know us, you know why)!

Ryan is now buddies with our office maintenance staff and local phone company. Kim has “friends” at the credit card company due to numerous customer service requests for our new account. I am keeping so many “to do” lists that even I’ve lost count of what to do next or who to contact next.

Now that our fingers are healing after days of assembling office furniture, we’ve been reaching out to our friends, family members and colleagues to share the news of Slate’s creation. The response has been amazing! A new money tree from the Burke’s sits on our worktable. A special bottle of champagne from a dear colleague awaits popping when our first big paycheck comes in. Our landlords have been over for coffee and networking. Things are going well for Slate.

Like college, families and businesses, we are excited for the future; we know our accomplishments will not be without challenge, but wouldn’t have it any other way!

Claire BouchardComment