We have become a little addicted to something at Slate. It’s not illegal or expensive. But we couldn’t function without it. It’s our huge, donated whiteboard. Having your own whiteboard at your disposal is priceless.

We’ve shared whiteboards with people before—you have to write messages like, “please don’t erase” or “save this content”, because people might obliterate your hard work and creativity when you are not in the shared conference room.

We have a simple point and shoot camera we keep on the marker tray—at the end of a planning session, we snap a photo and download our brainstorming session to our files. We’ve heard about fancy wireless technology that connects your dry erase marker to your computer—we are a start up remember, and going old school is just fine for us, for now!

Next time your at Slate, feel free to pick up a marker and have at the board—may your musings inspire you, help organize your thoughts or bring a smile to your face!

Claire BouchardComment