Milton Georgia City Logo and seal

We Have A Seal, We Are Good

My city has a seal, we’re good on a logo and a brand. Right?

Seals and logos are two different things. Take Milton, Georgia for example. They have both a logo and a seal which are used for different purposes.

Keep your seal.

Honor your seal.

Use your seal.

For your logo, do not use your seal. Your logo should provide recognition and quick identification, so you’ll want something simpler and cleaner than your city seal. Many seals are difficult to replicate, especially on apparel and materials used in the community. 

The remedy? Create a logo to represent your city, which can encompass the history of your seal! The logo should be timeless and easy to spot. Think of a utilities worker approaching your house, you want to quickly recognize the organization they represent.

Taking time to create a logo shows respect to your community. So don't skip a step and use your seal as a logo because it may be easy or that's how it's always been done. Use a logo to connect and communicate the direction and vision of the city. 

Don't know if this applies to you? Don't know where to start? We do. Give us a call at 970.797.2015.